How to get the most out of a blue sky with a green planet

By MARIAN SCHULZKER, Associated Press environmental writerAssociated Press green nature and nature photography is a growing art form that has made a name for itself in Germany.

Green nature is the term for nature photography that focuses on landscapes, natural history and nature scenes, but also on subjects that are not typically captured in traditional photography, such as birds, insects and animals.

In this example of natural history photography, a wild boar is pictured in the background.

The image was taken in the Bavarian town of Zermatt, a former coal-mining town of about 10,000 people.

It is part of a series called “Green Nature Photography” by the German nonprofit “Bavarium” that aims to showcase nature in its natural state, said Laura Ziegler, the group’s director of events.

Ziegler said the group hopes to show how nature has been altered by human activity, which has been a major cause of deforestation and habitat loss in Europe, especially in Germany, where the country has the world’s second-largest population of wild boars.

“In Germany we see the destruction of habitats in an incredible way,” she said.

“And it’s not just natural forests, it’s also fields and fields of trees.

So this is part and parcel of the natural world that has been destroyed by human activities.”

In Zermass, there is a thriving wildlife tourism industry, Zieglers told the AP.

Visitors pay up to $50 to take photos of animals and plants and take them back to their hotel.

The group also has a weekly newsletter that features articles on local wildlife.

“We try to show the beautiful side of nature, in a very natural way,” Ziegels said.

The photographer, who has photographed the wild boaroas of Bavaria, said she was drawn to nature because of its natural beauty.

“When I first saw the wild- boar, I didn’t realize how big they were,” she told the Associated Press.

“But they were very cute and I could tell they had been here a long time.”

Zieglers said the best part about the nature photography was that it didn’t have any commercial implications.

“I can’t sell anything because I’m just trying to show that there is this incredible beauty and that nature is still a beautiful place,” she explained.

“It’s a beautiful way to experience nature.”

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