The beauty of Norway’s nature landscape: From the Norwegians to the locals

Norway is home to some of the best nature on earth.

The country’s landscapes, its wildlife and its rich culture all contribute to its unique identity.

The National Geographic World of Nature magazine has featured the country as one of its top 10 countries to visit and a key contributor to the country’s tourism industry.

However, for some, it’s the country of nature that’s captivating visitors, not the other way around.

“Norway’s natural landscapes are stunning,” said Nels Tørkkø, the founder of the Norwegian National Parks Foundation.

“But, as a visitor, you don’t necessarily see them in the traditional way.”

He points to Norway’s National Parks, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and its nature reserves as the country has the best of both worlds.

The nature reserves have been managed by Norwegian authorities since 1972 and boast spectacular landscapes that can be enjoyed year-round.

Tøkkkø said that although there are no official parks in Norway, the country also has a vast number of parks that are open to the public.

“Norway has some of Europe’s best natural landscapes, with beautiful lakes and rivers, but the parks are also home to spectacular wildlife,” he said.

“This has helped us develop a strong network of nature reserves, including some that are as big as the state of Washington.”

I think the nature reserves and the parks work together as a whole to offer the country the best experience of nature.

“The Norwegian National Wildlife Foundation, a conservation organisation that promotes the welfare of the countrys natural resources, has a long history of protecting the country�s natural heritage.

“It�s important that we don�t forget to protect them.” “

The nature reserves are part of a whole network of conservation that protects our environment,” said Johanna Røv, the director of the foundation.

“It�s important that we don�t forget to protect them.”

For more information on the natural world in Norway and other countries visit our special feature: The Nature and the Parks in Norway.

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