‘Mystery solved’ as new land in ‘mystery’ location reveals its true colours

A mysterious new location has been revealed by archaeologists in the Irish countryside, as they reveal the identity of a land which is believed to have been home to prehistoric life.

The new site is called the ‘Celtic Land of the North’ in the west of the county, and has been discovered in the area of the River Meade.

It is believed the site dates back to the Bronze Age, but the ancient people who lived there did not know the name of the place.

The discovery was made by the archaeologists working on the Irish Historic Sites Act.

Its an area of up to 1,500 acres, and the research team from The University of Dundee and the University of St Andrews has been searching for the land for almost a year.

It will be published next year.

Its believed that the land is between two and three kilometres from the border with the Republic of Ireland, and is home to an ancient civilisation.

It has been used by the Irish as a place to build homes, which were later abandoned, and by people from the Celtic world, the archaeologists said.

The archaeologists have been using aerial photography to make the discoveries.

They are now hoping to work out the exact location of the site in the next year or two.

The team is also looking for any signs of prehistoric life that could indicate a burial ground, or any other artefacts from the period that may have been buried here, they said.

It comes just days after archaeologists found the remains of an early stone carvings at a site in Donegal.

The first stone carving discovered in Donell, Co Mayo, has revealed a group of four figures holding a ‘shield’ with a bird on the front and a shield with a human figure on the back.

The group is believed, as well as a human head, to have lived at this site about 800 years ago.

The carvages were unearthed during a road work project on the site.

The Irish Times is not naming the archaeologists due to the sensitivity of the research, but it is believed that it may have taken place during the Bronze and Iron Ages.

The archaeologist working on this area, Dr Simon McClelland, said the new discovery is a “tremendous step forward” in the field.

He said: “The discovery of the new site was an enormous surprise and the significance of the discovery is not just to us but to all those involved in the research.”

It’s an area where there is so much history, and its the only one we know of which has been excavated in this way.

“Its very exciting to think that the remains could be from this period, when people are buried here.”

We know of many sites that have been excavations in this area.

“Its just the first one, the most exciting one is the burial site.”

The research has been carried out by a team of archaeologists from The Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, and The University Of Dundee, along with a team from St Andrews.

Dr McCleland added: “This site was a very important archaeological site, it had to be excavated because of the great importance of the area, and this is a great step forward in the discovery of that site.”

This new site also gives us a glimpse of the future, and what could have been.

“Irish Independent

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