How to get Finnish natural scenery

Posted February 09, 2018 09:00:10A Finnish landscape painter has made a series of beautiful, surreal landscapes that are inspired by nature.

They have a natural feel to them and the artist describes it as “a journey through the forest.”

The Finnish landscape artist, who goes by “Pokanju,” has created several natural scenery paintings that are so vivid and unique that they’re almost impossible to describe.

His latest works, titled “Natural Scenery,” depict landscapes in the mountains and valleys of Finland and offer a different perspective than what most landscape painting is known for.

“I really wanted to capture the forest and mountains of Finland as a kind of ‘nature documentary,'” Pokanju told The Huffington Post.

“I think it is a beautiful way to show people how the natural environment is so amazing.

It also helps to express our country and culture, because there are so many people in Finland who know nothing about the nature.”

Natural scenery paintings are so unique that even a Japanese painter would be unable to understand them.

Pokanjus work is so visually striking that it’s almost impossible for a viewer to understand what he’s describing.

The landscape painter told HuffPost that his inspirations for his work came from nature itself.

“Nature is like an incredible story, it’s like a big mosaic,” Pokanja told HuffPost.

“The scenery, the plants, the birds, the insects.

The whole world.

And I love that.

Nature is so important.

I like that it is so beautiful.

And it’s a beautiful feeling to be in the world, in the woods, in mountains, in lakes.

You’re in nature.”

The artist explained that his paintings are often influenced by nature by watching other artists make similar works, such as a Finnish landscape photographer who is known to create a “beautiful landscape.”

“You can’t help but be drawn to this person,” Pokans work said.

“They are creating landscapes that feel like they’re very natural, like this person is making them.

I want to share the experience with you.

I am inspired by this kind of nature and I want it to be my canvas.”

He added that the paintings can be a fun experience for both viewers and participants.

“You have to be patient, but it can be really rewarding,” he said.

“We have a lot of natural scenery in the parks, the lakes, the rivers, the mountains, and it’s all natural.

And so you see people doing that every day, in parks and in nature, and you can tell it’s just wonderful.”

Pokans work is called “Natural Picture” and it takes place in a forested area, with the artist creating landscapes by simply walking through the trees and capturing them in a photograph.

The natural scenery painting is also meant to be seen from the perspective of someone who’s never been to Finland.

“So you have to take it for what it is: an experience,” Pokanyu told HuffPost, “a unique experience that you can’t really describe.”

“It’s not a traditional art, it has this sort of mystical quality to it,” he added.

“It’s very spiritual, and there’s a sense of being in a different place.

It’s very, very magical.”

Pokuanju’s work can be found on his website, Pokans natural scenery art gallery.

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