How to get around in nature in Sweden

For many Swedes, it is a natural and scenic attraction.

But this week, the Swedish government will announce plans to ban visitors from using the country’s main national parks.

The park system, which includes the vast country’s most famous nature reserves, will be severely restricted and visitors will have to travel on foot, with no vehicles allowed.

This will make it difficult for many to take advantage of the countrys natural beauty.

The announcement was made in a public meeting on Monday, and is the latest step in the government’s drive to restrict outdoor use.

The countrys tourism industry employs around 3.5 million people, according to the Swedish Institute of Tourism and Environment (Skien), and the country is the fourth-largest in Europe.

“It is not easy to get here and see nature.

I have been coming to Sweden for years, but I have never been able to experience the natural beauty that I know.

I know how beautiful nature is and I know what it’s like to go into the woods,” said Karina Lindgren, who was on her first day of her summer internship at a nature reserve near Stockholm.

According to the Skien, the government has already received over 50,000 public comments on the proposal.

However, it’s unclear if the government will actually implement the ban or whether it will be delayed until after the upcoming parliamentary elections in March.

“There are many different factors to consider,” said Joakim Löfgren, a spokeswoman for the ministry of environment and forestry, in a statement.

“In addition to the impact of the ban on visitors, it will impact on the activities of local residents and businesses, which could negatively affect tourism.”

The government has said the ban will only apply to people under 21.

The parks minister, Joanna Lofgren, told local media the government was working to make sure that people who come to the parks will have a pleasant experience.

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