China has one of the most pristine, cleanest forests on Earth

The Chinese government has a number of policies that are aimed at protecting nature.

One of the major ones is to conserve the forests and to protect the natural environment.

The Chinese forestry ministry is responsible for monitoring the quality of forest cover in China.

This means monitoring forest density and tree canopy growth to make sure that it remains the same, according to a report from the environmental organization, China Forest Watch.

China also has a national plan that requires all trees to be planted to maintain the health of the forests, according the environmental group.

This includes monitoring the health and the healthiness of forests to determine the effectiveness of the plan, as well as monitoring trees’ density and canopy growth.

China has also implemented forest management plans for many of its forests.

The plan is called the National Forest Policy and aims to conserve nature.

But there are a lot of problems with the plan.

One, it only covers areas where there are at least two percent of trees that are not covered by the plan and thus can be planted.

Another problem is that the forests are mostly made up of older trees.

These older trees can take years to regenerate and can be detrimental to the health or the natural ecosystem of the forest.

Finally, China has a problem with invasive species.

There are over 1,500 species of trees in China, but only about 300 are currently being planted.

These trees can be harmful to the environment and can affect wildlife populations.

The Forest Alliance in China also says that China’s forest management policies have not been implemented well.

For example, China is not enforcing regulations on the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

In many cases, the Chinese government does not have any rules on how to control the use and the disposal of these chemicals.

For instance, China’s government recently ordered all farms to cut down trees on the farms that use pesticides.

Some farmers in China are using chemicals such as chlorine to kill pests, but it is unclear how many farms use chlorine on their own farms.

China is also struggling with a problem that the U.S. has faced for decades.

China’s pollution problem has been a long-standing issue.

Pollution has been rampant in China since the 1950s and 1960s, and China is currently the most polluted country in the world.

China spends billions on fighting pollution every year, but the government does little to control pollution, as China’s air quality is among the worst in the region.

One solution to this pollution problem is to improve air quality.

China needs to build more pollution-control equipment to be able to monitor the air quality in its cities, and also have an effective national plan to monitor pollution.

However, many in China say that the government is not doing enough to protect their forests.

A recent report from Greenpeace China found that China has not implemented many forest protection measures that were in place when China was in a state of economic growth.

According to Greenpeace, China was only able to protect 8 percent of its forest cover from deforestation in 2013.

China had over 1.8 million forests in 2013, which is roughly equal to the entire state of California.

The country needs to do more to protect these forests and protect their natural beauty.

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