Wild coach Mikael Granlund gets a bit of extra praise after his trip to Taiwan

By Mikael Hjalmarsson Mikael Halja/Associated PressIt’s a sunny day in Taipei, Taiwan, when the Wild’s Mikael “Mikkel” Granlund is on his way to his home in New Jersey, New York.

On this day in March, he’s making his way from the airport in Newark, New Jersey.

Granlund and his wife, Lise, are headed for the city to visit a small town, which is one of the few things in Taiwan that’s not completely covered by the US’ blanket ban on Taiwan.

The ban applies to all imports from Taiwan, and is expected to be lifted this week.

“Taiwan is still very important for us, and the fact that we have an agreement with the government is one thing, but we’re also very much interested in what happens in Taiwan, whether it’s politics or economic,” Granlund said.

“That’s why I came here.”

Granston is a former United States player who’s been coaching in Taiwan since the late 1990s, and has been a part of the team since the beginning.

He played for the Wild for three seasons, most recently in 2016-17.

“When we were playing in the Kontinental Hockey League, there were a lot of Chinese players, and they were very good at scoring,” Granham said.

“We just had to learn how to use our speed and the playmaking skills that we had to work on to get better and make the best of it.”

Grenlund played for a team called Xtreme Hockey, which won a championship in 2009, but was shut out of the tournament that year.

“I didn’t play that year because of a suspension,” Granholm said.

In 2017-18, Granlund and the Wild won the Stanley Cup and were named the league’s best regular-season team.

The Wild won four consecutive games in the Stanley and Calder Cup playoffs and went on to win the championship, which featured two of the best defensive performances in league history.

“It was one of my favorite experiences of my career,” Granstad said.

He added that the Wild were lucky to be playing in an area where the people were friendly and respectful of their traditions.

“Our team, the Wild, has played in Taihuen in the past,” he said.

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