Why we shouldn’t be afraid of Brazilian nature

On a rainy and sunny Monday morning, I met my friend, and she said: “It’s beautiful out here.”

In this rural part of the Brazilian Amazon, where many Brazilians live in the countryside and rarely venture out, this is true.

It’s not that the landscape is pristine; the Amazon has been affected by deforestation for hundreds of years.

It is that the trees that once flourished here are in decline.

But the deforestation is far more than just a local problem.

For one thing, it is an environmental issue.

This is a region where deforestation is widespread and the deforestation that has taken place over the past 100 years has caused widespread damage to the Amazon rainforest.

And it’s also one of the world’s top 10 most important carbon emitters, accounting for more than a third of the carbon emissions that cause climate change.

In fact, Brazil is among the top five carbon emitrs in the world, with the world accounting for nearly half the emissions.

Brazil has long been a leader in environmental degradation and its environmental problems are not unique to the country.

A new book called The Amazon: How Its Changing and How We Can Control It, by anthropologist J. William Schmitt, is out and it documents how Brazil’s environment has been degraded in the last 100 years.

As a result, Brazil has become a climate-change denier, Schmitt writes.

In recent years, Brazil’s leaders have been pushing through a raft of environmental legislation that has made it a “world leader in promoting and promoting a new era of sustainable development” and has “changed the face of the Amazon from a forest of tropical savannah to one of an agricultural society”.

This was evident in the country’s efforts to introduce a national park, which is being promoted as an important tool for protecting the Amazon, Schmitts book reveals.

This year, the country introduced the world-first national park on the Amazon Basin, which Schmitt calls “the world’s most significant watershed”, and which Schmitters calls “a watershed of the future”.

The Amazon is the largest freshwater system in the planet, covering an area roughly the size of the United States.

The river that flows through the heart of the country and flows through most of Brazil is the Amazon.

It connects the country with the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon River Delta, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

In this watershed, Schloss’s book argues, “there are large areas that have been converted into tropical forest”.

The new Amazon national park was announced in June 2016.

The new area of the park is located about 70 kilometres south of the town of Lula da Silva, which has become known as the “Amazon jungle”.

It is a very different landscape than the vast savannah that surrounds it.

It has been created by the Brazilian government to protect the environment, but it is also one where deforestation has taken a heavy toll.

According to Schmitt’s book, deforestation has increased by 75 per cent over the last 50 years.

This trend is especially evident in areas where deforestation occurred before the 1990s.

This happened in areas such as the coastal Amazon basin and the Andes Mountains.

It also happened in the southern Amazon, in the Andean Amazon and in the Peruvian Amazon.

Schmitt also reveals that deforestation in these areas is also on the rise.

In the Perú Andes, for example, deforestation in the coastal region is estimated to have increased by 70 per cent since 2000.

And in the Amazon basin, the deforestation in recent years has increased the most in areas in the south of Brazil where the climate is warmer and the soil is drier.

This has made the land very fertile, he writes, and has also affected the rainforest and the biodiversity of the region.

The Amazon’s tropical savanna, which covers an area about the size the United Kingdom, has been reduced by 90 per cent in the past 50 years, according to Schlosss book.

He also finds that in some areas, deforestation is increasing even faster than in other parts of the forest.

This phenomenon is known as “super-drought”, which has occurred in many parts of Brazil, and is caused by climate change and a warming climate.

In some parts of these areas, such as in the Brazilian Andes and the Amazon Valley, there is even more extreme weather events such as severe floods, mudslides, wildfires and the devastating El Niño weather event.

In areas such a the Amazon in the Pacific, the super-droughts are more frequent and intense.

This climate change has resulted in many other problems, Schminsthes book also reveals.

He writes that the destruction of the rainforests and deforestation of the savannahs has led to the death of many fish, which have been affected not only by the effects of climate change but also by the loss of habitat and the loss and destruction of biodiversity, such that in the region of the Ande, the number of fish species has decreased by 90 percent, he

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