Why the ‘Great’ Waterfalls of the Great Plains are no longer a ‘natural’ thing

In a recent article in the “American Journal of Physical Anthropology,” researchers have uncovered evidence that the Great Lakes are, in fact, waterfalls.

The article, authored by Mark Bowers, a professor of natural sciences at the University of Michigan, is titled “A Long-Term History of the Waterfalls on the Great Basin Lakes.”

According to the article, a lot of the waterfalls on Lake Michigan are natural, but some are not.

Bowers points to the Great Sioux River in Iowa as an example.

The river is located in a region known as the Sioux-St. Croix Plateau, which is one of the world’s most arid places.

It is the only place on Earth where the ground freezes over in winter.

Bower writes:The Great Sioux is a natural phenomenon that is unique in that it is an isolated watershed in a desert region that is arid.

It has not been disturbed by human activity for over one million years, and it has never experienced drought or any of the other effects of global warming.

This waterfalls are located on a large scale, with many of them reaching a height of 3,600 feet (1,600 meters) in the most recent year.

According to the report, a number of them are connected by rivers, which are often referred to as the Great Lake System.

One of the main reasons why the Great Falls are not natural is that they are so big.

According the report:The waterfalls themselves are a combination of ice, sand, and minerals.

They are large, which allows the water to flow through the rock formations and then into the mouths of the rivers, where it freezes.

Birds and other wildlife are attracted to the ice, and they often come down and snatch some of the rock and the minerals for their own use.

This can be a major problem for people who live in the area, as the rock often gets washed away, according to the “Journal of Archaeological Science and Artifacts.”

The Great Falls themselves are located in what is known as a basin, which means they are part of the basin.

This basin is a small area that forms part of a larger basin, and when a large area is in a basin it can be difficult for animals to find food.

In addition to the glaciers, the Great Glacial Lakes are also connected to the Mississippi River, which flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

These glacial lakes, which were formed in the early part of Earth’s history, are considered the most famous and important of the four major ice sheets.

They are located near the Arctic Circle in the northern hemisphere, where the polar ice cap is.

In the past, people would travel to these lakes for their fish and wildlife to catch, eat, and drink.

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