Why are Japanese nature scenes so gorgeous?

Japanese nature scenery is stunning.

But if you’re not able to see the landscape, you’ll likely struggle to appreciate what it can offer.

That’s because the landscape is so different to the way people see it, according to a new study by a team of Japanese researchers.

The findings from a survey conducted by the University of Tokyo and published online in the journal Nature Geoscience are a major advance in understanding the way Japanese nature looks.

In a survey of about 1,000 people, the researchers found that almost all Japanese people have never seen the landscape before, or only a limited number of people in the study area have seen it at all.

But people who had seen it experienced it differently than those who hadn’t.

For example, while people who didn’t see the forest had more interest in seeing nature than those with a background in architecture, people with a high school education or higher in the survey had more enjoyment in nature than people with lower education levels.

The researchers also found that many people viewed nature differently to others.

While nearly two-thirds of Japanese respondents said they saw nature as important or important but not essential, just 9 percent said they viewed nature as a major consideration or priority.

The team also found differences in people’s perceptions of nature.

For instance, more than half of people who were asked about nature as an important or priority said it was important to them.

But when asked about it as an incidental and less important consideration, people were more likely to say it was not important to their life.

The study also found people in Tokyo and other Japanese cities were more interested in seeing natural features than people in other parts of the country.

For a country that prides itself on its beautiful scenery, there are plenty of things it’s missing.

It’s not just forests.

It doesn’t even have its own national park.

The Japanese capital doesn’t have its native wildlife, such as seals or dolphins, or a major sea turtle population.

For some people, it’s not about seeing nature.

It may just be about being outdoors and enjoying it, said study co-author Yasuo Nakajima, a professor at the university’s School of Environment and Technology.

People’s perception of nature is the key to understanding how nature works, he said.

It could be that a large number of Japanese people who saw nature before didn’t experience it in the same way as those who didn.

Or it could be they didn’t perceive the landscape as essential or important enough, Nakajama said.

The new findings have implications for the way we design new urban infrastructure, he added.

People may also want to consider nature more when deciding on a new building project, he suggested.

For more on Japan, visit the Associated Press website.

Follow Associated Press natural science writer David Lee on Twitter: @LeeDCGnews

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