Which countries have the highest number of days with rain and snow?

There are some days when the sun shines and the air is cool, but the weather is also quite dry.

It is the same with the climate.

So, it’s easy to forget about the weather when you’re not in a country with very much of it.

The reason why the weather changes and the weather conditions get better or worse over time is because the climate itself is changing, too.

This can be seen in the changes in weather patterns, especially in the northern hemisphere.

Australia has been one of the world’s driest countries since the 1980s, and has experienced the greatest rise in extreme weather events in recent times.

Australia’s dryness is also connected to the El Nino weather pattern that has been over for the past decade.

During El Ninos, the western Pacific Ocean oscillates with the equator, and as a result, the water temperatures on the equatorial Pacific are warmer than those in the western and northern parts of Australia.

This means the northern and southern hemispheres have been hotter than the northern part of the continent for decades.

In turn, this leads to cooler and drier weather in the southern hemisphere.

In Australia, this is a very real phenomenon.

The last time Australia had a major El NINO event was in the 1950s.

During that El NINOS, temperatures in the south were typically around -5C, and were generally milder than those of the Northern Territory, the ACT and New South Wales.

In contrast, temperatures were much higher in the north.

This was because the equinoctial heating caused the ocean to warm, bringing with it cooler water temperatures and the ability to trap heat in the atmosphere.

This caused the weather in Australia to warm even further, which in turn caused it to cool even further.

The result was a dramatic increase in extreme precipitation.

What does that mean for us?

Australia has experienced two major El Niño events since the late 1970s.

One of these occurred in 1996.

This year’s El NIO is the fifth most powerful on record, which means it has also been the most severe on record.

This is a result of the large amount of heat being transferred to the atmosphere by the warm water and low pressure system.

As a result and with the recent heat wave in Australia, the number of severe weather events has reached unprecedented levels.

According to the National Weather Service, in just a few days, we’ve had a number of major flash flooding events in the ACT, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Rivers.

With extreme weather like these, it is very important that you know how to manage your personal weather and weather-related expenses.

The advice is simple.

Be aware of the weather and stay informed.

While there are a lot of variables to consider, the following tips should be the first thing you consider when you head out on a journey.

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