How to find the best natural scenery in Australia

More than 3 million hectares of natural scenery has been surveyed for the Commonwealth Games, including the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Artesian Basin and the Great Pyrenees.

Key points:The Commonwealth Games has more than doubled the number of locations surveyedThis is a big jump from just 10,000 hectares in the past five yearsThe survey covers more than 2.5 million hectaresGreat Barrier Reef is the largest natural spot surveyed and it covers 1.6 million hectaresThe Great Artisan Basin covers 0.7 million hectares and the Pyrenee River is the most surveyed areaThe survey of more than 1 million hectares has been announced as the Commonwealth is to launch a national wildlife survey on the Great Basin.

The Great Barrier Islands are to be the next natural spot.

The survey will start on the Friday before the Commonwealth starts its four-week training period, which runs until March 26.

The Commonwealth has more data from the survey than it had before, the Australian Parks and Wildlife Service (APWS) said in a statement.

More than 1.7 billion hectares of land is covered in the Great Australian Landscape.

The vast majority of the area is covered by wetlands, grasslands, shrubs and other vegetation, according to the survey.

It covers more areas of Australia than any other region.

The state-of-the-art survey is being conducted by the APWS with help from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and National Parks and Conservation Agency (NPPA) along with state governments, the Commonwealth and regional agencies.

It includes more than 3.5m hectares of Great Barrier Island, Great Artisans Island, the Pyre, Great Barrier River, the North Coast, the Northern Rivers, Great Botanic Gardens and the Northern Subtropical Rainforest.

There are also 3.3 million hectares in Western Australia and the Murray-Darling Basin, with more than two-thirds of the total surveyed area covered by native vegetation.

It also covers the Northern Territory and Queensland, with the remaining areas covered by other native vegetation and other plants.

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