How to create a magical 3D natural scenery with the Unreal Engine 4

Posted October 17, 2018 08:12:24As a beginner in 3D modelling I find that a lot of times the process of creating a 3D model is quite complex.

In this article I’ll show you how to create beautiful natural scenery from a simple 2D model.

This tutorial assumes you already have Unreal Engine, and some basic knowledge of 3D modeling.

I am going to be using the Unity asset library for creating natural scenery.

You can find Unity assets at: This tutorial is made possible by a generous donation from The IndieGoGo community.

The IndieGoGO store has some awesome free and premium games to download, so I decided to make this tutorial available as a downloadable download for anyone who wants to explore Unreal Engine.

I used the same Unreal Engine as this tutorial, but this time I used the latest version of the Unity Editor to create the terrain.

If you are using an older version of Unity, the tutorial will work the same.

If you are already familiar with the Unity3D SDK, you can skip this section and go straight to the tutorial.

This is not required if you are just starting out with Unity.

Unity3D editor (Windows)Unity3d editor (Mac)This is a simple tutorial to create natural scenery in Unity.

I’ll be using a simple model of a tree and a grass tree.

Create a tree with the node tool, and add it to the scene by clicking the tree’s thumbnail in the Hierarchy panel.

You can then right-click the tree and select “Add Component…” in the top-right corner.

I like to make my tree a little more detailed.

I need to add a few more points to make it look a little better.

In the next window, select “Shape Selection” and select the “Normal” preset in the menu.

I also like to add in some vegetation.

I added some vegetation in the first version of this tutorial.

In order to do so, I’ll first need to change the “Plant” property on the tree.

This property lets me choose between two trees: a normal tree, and a leafy tree.

In my case, I want the leafy one to be more natural looking, and I also want it to be smaller.

Next, I select “Create Tree…” from the “Create Trees” menu.

This will create a tree.

Next I’ll change the height of the tree so it’s a little bit taller.

To do so I will use the “Height” property of the node, which I will set to “1” in the following screenshot.

Next in the “Shape” menu, I need the “Tiles” property to be selected in the bottom-right to “Create Tiles”.

This property tells the Unity editor to create an empty rectangular area for the tree to fill.

I also need the tree “Height”, “Trees”, and “Water” properties selected to the bottom of the list.

I can add a line to the top of each of these properties so the Unity inspector will fill in the area when I hover over it.

The inspector should appear empty at the top right.

Now we’re ready to add the foliage.

The foliage will be created using a custom shader, called “Tree”, that I will call “Totem” in this tutorial because of its unique shape.

The Tree shader is created with the same shader that is used in the vegetation.

To add the tree, right-Click on the Tree node, select Properties, and select Paths.

I then select “Normal”.

Next, I change the name of the Tree shader to “Tentacle” and change the number of triangles in the image to 1.

The last step is to add some foliage.

I will create some “Leaves” and “Snow” using the same tree shader as I used for the Tree, and then I’ll add a couple of leaf points using the tree shader I just created.

In Unity, you need to click the Edit button at the bottom left of the screen to add or remove foliage.

This is the Tree in Unity: The tree looks very much like a leaf, but it is actually a leaf.

I think this is because it is a bit taller than it appears.

The leaves are also quite long, but the branch line doesn’t reach as far.

In general, the “Tree” shader is a good way to add foliage to trees.

The tree is now a lot more interesting.

The branch line now has an arrow pointing toward it, and it has a little “thigh” to it.

It also looks a bit like a little tree with leaves sticking out of it.

I have added some “Snow”, which looks like it has some water in it.

I’m not going to show that in the video, but you

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