5 reasons why Portugal is beautiful again

In the early 2000s, Portugal was the envy of many around the world.

A country that had the most beaches, most trees, the largest lake in the world, and a vibrant economy.

The nation was also one of the richest and most developed in Europe.

But in recent years, the country has been experiencing a rapid decline in tourism, tourism jobs, and other economic activity.

This has resulted in a dramatic drop in the size of Portugal’s population and the cost of living, and is a big reason why many locals are considering moving abroad.

According to research published in the journal Nature by researchers at the University of Lisbon, Portugal’s economic and social health is suffering from a decline in the number of tourists and people looking to live in the country.

“The economic decline of Portugal is particularly pronounced in the rural areas of the country,” says Daniela Pinto, lead author of the study.

“The economic health of the population is very weak, especially for women and people from the rural communities.”

In a survey of 5,946 people from various areas of Portugal, Pinto and her team found that 40 percent of the respondents believed that “people living abroad in the form of tourism” is the main reason behind their departure.

Pinto adds that “the trend is increasing in the other direction.”

While the decline of tourism in Portugal is not the only reason for the country’s decline in population, it is a clear indication that a lack of jobs and economic activity is a major cause of the decline.

Pixels and iPads are no longer the main export that Portuguese businesses rely on to make money.

According the research, one in four Portuguese adults has no job and only one in ten have a salary.

This is a trend that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

According Pinto: “In this way, we believe that the country will experience a serious decline in its economic and societal health.”

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