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If you’ve never been to the beautiful waters of Lake Washington, you’re probably not feeling super lucky.

The world’s oldest lake, with its stunning beauty and diverse ecosystems, is about to get even more beautiful as it’s going from its current state of pristine to being officially designated a natural scenic resource.

The designation is a significant milestone in the evolution of the lake’s natural beauty, said Dr. Steven R. Moll, the National Park Service’s associate director for environmental programs and stewardship.

The natural scenery designation recognizes the diverse landscapes that are formed by a combination of human activity and natural processes, Moll said.

The designation is also intended to promote tourism to the lake and encourage people to explore the region’s unique natural areas.

For decades, the area’s pristine waters have been home to an estimated 1,000 species of birds, turtles, fish, and other creatures.

Now, the lake is getting a little bit more beautiful.

The Washington Aquarium is planning to add a new exhibit to the water’s surface, including a “water cave,” to open later this year.

The aquarium plans to open a new museum to house artifacts from the lake, which is home to a number of endangered and threatened species, Mell said.

For the past few years, the natural scenery area has been under the jurisdiction of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, which manages the lake.

But that agency has no jurisdiction over the lake itself, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The WSDNR announced that the designation of the area as a natural resource was made possible by the work of the U.S. Fish and Game Conservation Commission, which was working with the DNR and other partners to identify the best way to promote and protect the area for future generations of visitors.

The WSD NR is working with other state agencies to determine what type of activities can be held on the lakefront, Mott said.

The park service is working to help guide visitors and visitors of all ages through the lake by providing information on the park’s nature, resources, and how to find the most beautiful natural scenery on the lakes shores.

Visitors can also learn about the various types of natural scenery in the area, including sand, mud, sand dunes, rock, rocks, and water.

Visit the WSD National Parks website for more information about the natural resources area.

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