How to make a video with a nature backdrop

A little video that is easy to capture in your Facebook feed can make a big impression.

The new Nature Video series features some of the most beautiful, life-changing landscapes on the planet and uses nature videos as the basis for an animated video.

In this video, the world’s biggest bird, the bald eagle, sings to the tune of “Wild Things”.

The video was created by an artist called Natalya Mysak.

She has previously made videos using birds, flowers, nature scenery, birds, waterfalls, birds and animals.

“When I first started making video I was very nervous, I thought I’m going to get a lot of attention,” she said.

But it turned out that it was an amazing moment, she said, and now it’s become a regular feature of her work.

The beauty of nature videos has always been the beauty of the landscape, and it was so inspiring to see nature videos being shared on social media, Natalyas work says.

“I started by making one of my own videos using an owl and it ended up being a big success,” she explained.

“There are some really beautiful places in the world that are hidden from view, so nature videos have become an amazing way of capturing this world.”

The nature videos are shot by Natalyys camera and then recorded with her smartphone.

“In the video you can see all the details of the bird, and you can hear its song and see how it feels when it sings,” she says.

This video shows how nature videos can help to inspire youNatalya said that her video “Nature Video” was inspired by a bird that she had photographed in a field in Kazakhstan.

“They’re not very active, they don’t have much energy, so I decided to do a video about a bird I had just seen, so that was really inspiring,” she laughed.

The bird, called a tasseled eagle, was a tarpon, a fish that is also known as an eel.

“The tassels are a really nice touch, it’s a nice touch to the bird and it gives it a bit of depth,” she added.

Natalyas video is made up of five sections.

The first section focuses on birds that live in the desert.

“What makes it so special is that it’s not just a bird, it is a landscape,” she explains.

“It’s not only a landscape, it really has an essence, so it has an atmosphere, and that’s what makes it really special.”

Then you can go on to a second section that deals with the flowers and trees, and I thought it would be really beautiful to show you all the different kinds of plants and animals.

“The second section focuses mainly on nature, but also shows the animals that live there.”

We can see these big birds, like the bald eagles, or the peregrine falcons, and the bears and lions,” Natalyam said.”

Also, the seals.

They’re not really birds, but they’re very beautiful.

“You can also see the bears, which are huge and majestic.”

And finally, the big cats.

“Natalyam has a lot more videos to come, and she said she hopes the videos will inspire you.”

This is what I love about nature videos, they’re just amazing,” she commented.”

People want to share this beauty, and nature videos will always inspire people to live in their own way.

“If you are not inspired by nature, and want to see how nature can inspire you, this is the perfect way to do it.”

You can follow Natalyyas work on her Facebook page.

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