How to enjoy natural scenery in Keralites backyard

KERALASA: A visit to the home of Keralite folk in Kovalam district in Kerala has revealed a unique place, filled with a rich natural environment.

A trip to the homes of the Kerales people of Kerala, which are believed to have started around 500 years ago, reveals a fascinating story that shows how their people have created this beautiful land for themselves.

Kerala is a state with a population of over 12.7 million people.

Keralite culture was formed in the ancient city of Vrindavan in the Kalinga region of Kerala.

This is a region of the southern parts of Kerala and is known for its rice, rice paddies, lakes and river systems.

The Kerali language is spoken in the region and the Krali language was brought to Kerala in the 15th century from other parts of the country.

According to the Kovalas language tradition, the land is named after the goddess, Kali.

While the Kalsi and Keral languages are the main languages spoken in Kerala, the Kalfa language is also spoken in a few areas of Kerala like Kollam, Udupi, Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode.

The Kalingas are famous for their colourful pastures and the rich natural landscapes that surround them.

One of the most spectacular areas in Kalingam is called Jai Krishna (Kerala Sea).

This area is known as the cradle of Kerala culture.

Its famous for its salt lakes, lush forest and coral reefs.

When it rains, the sea is often a popular destination for fishermen.

There is also a natural water source in this area, called the ‘Kalagathu’ which is a very popular and popular place to swim in.

The Kerala River also flows through this area.

The natural beauty of the area is highlighted by the many caves, waterfalls and lakes that make up the Kalkulam and Gudurangam river basins.

On one of the basins is a well known waterfall called the Jai Kalkurangalam.

It is also known as ‘The Blue Lake’ because of the blue waters flowing into it.

Apart from the natural beauty, the people of Kalingad are also renowned for their traditional dance and music traditions.

Their traditional dance is known by many different names such as ‘Hindu’ and ‘Brahmin’.

It can be seen that the Kalyans are known for their love of dancing and music.

Kalinga is a major centre for Keralitic culture and culture is closely linked to their history.

People of Kerala have a strong connection with their land, tradition and the environment, which is one of their main beliefs.

In this way, they have created a unique and beautiful place for themselves and the world.

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