How a Vietnam natural scene inspired the construction of a luxury resort in Cambodia

A luxury resort that opened its doors in Vietnam in 2018 has been dubbed “the Shangri-La of natural scenery.”

The resort, built by luxury construction company Shangri La Properties, boasts an array of natural beauty, including the lush and lush green hills of southern Vietnam, the rolling hills of Laos, and the white sand beaches of Cambodia.

The Shangri Lifestyle, located in the southern Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh City, is the third Shangri Land resort in the country.

In 2018, Shangri Leisure Development Group, a private investment firm, bought a 6-hectare plot of land on a mountain overlooking Ho Chi Ninh province, and built a luxury complex that boasts some of the world’s most expensive residences and private residences.

The project has been compared to a ShangriLa, a luxury home, but it is far more luxurious, with nearly 300 rooms and suites.

The complex features three different pools, a gym, a sauna, a spa, an observation deck, and a saunas, swimming pools, and steam rooms, according to the resort’s website.

The resort is also home to a spa that allows guests to bathe and enjoy an evening of relaxation.

A large outdoor terrace overlooks the surrounding mountains, and guests can swim and play volleyball on the terrace.

Other amenities include a restaurant and spa, a restaurant that serves traditional Vietnamese cuisine and a cinema.

There is also a golf course and a soccer field.

The $1.3 million ShangriLifestyle opened in March, but its construction was delayed by construction workers who were trying to clear the site of construction debris, according the hotel’s website, and there were also safety issues.

Construction was completed last year and the resort is scheduled to open in 2019.

The resort, which is also located near the city of Phnom Penh, is also known for its beautiful gardens.

In Vietnam, luxury resorts are very popular with Chinese travelers, according a report by CNN.

The hotel is a popular destination among Vietnamese travelers, and ShangriLeisure Development, which operates the resort, has partnered with Chinese-owned luxury construction firm Wanda Group.

The company plans to open its first ShangriLand resort in Vietnam, according with the website.

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