What’s a natural forest in Indonesia?

New Scientist: Indonesia is a country that has always been at the forefront of the natural landscape, and now the natural scenery of the country is becoming even more diverse.

In an attempt to help local people better understand nature and the natural world, natural scenery is becoming increasingly important as an area of focus.

Natural scenery, which includes natural forest, forests, rivers, mountains and more, is a natural extension of the environment and is an integral part of the people’s experience of the world.

This article looks at natural scenery in Indonesia, including its nature.

It explores how the environment is created and the places that it has been found in, how natural scenery has been used for a variety of purposes and how it can be used for the benefit of all.

We have to look at it as part of Indonesia’s social fabric and understand that the country has always had a unique environment.

In the past, we had a small island of the Pacific Ocean that was part of our island chain, but now it is a big and diverse island.

It has a very different landscape and the different types of forests, lakes and ponds are all part of it.

There is a large variety of natural scenery that can be found in the country.

In addition to the natural forest areas, there are also the water bodies, rivers and ponds.

Natural scenery can also be found on mountain tops and in deserts.

We can find natural scenery at the beach, on beaches, in forests, at the sea and even in the mountains.

We can see the rainforest that is found in Indonesia.

We also see the trees, bushes, grasses and even the coral reefs in the sea.

In fact, the coral reef has an amazing diversity of plants.

We see natural scenery and the surrounding area as part, as the natural environment.

So, it is not that people only come to see nature, but also we see nature and nature as part.

This is the natural nature.

Nature is everywhereNatural scenery is not just a single place.

The natural scenery can be seen in the different kinds of natural surroundings, which include rivers, lakes, ponds, forests and even deserts.

For example, in a river, the river has many different types.

We also see different kinds and colors of trees, grass, plants, animals, insects and even fish.

We don’t think about it as just nature.

We have to be aware that nature is everywhere, and it’s everywhere in Indonesia as well.

For example, we can see it in the grasslands and deserts, which have different kinds.

In nature, the grassland is grassy, which means it is more moist than the desert, which is dry.

We know that grass is a source of energy and water for the plants, and we know that this water is used to grow plants.

The grasslands also contain many birds, and these birds also make a living from this water.

We live in the jungle.

When you live in a jungle, you have to pay attention to the environment around you and the animals that live there.

And in nature, animals make a good living from the water.

You also have to understand that nature has many types of animals and that you can find these animals in many different ways.

For instance, we see fish that live in rivers.

We see insects that live on the sea floor.

And then, we have also seen frogs that live near the sea, which are able to fly.

We are able do this because these animals are able use their water for energy.

In some places, we also see forests.

In this environment, we know trees and plants.

In other places, these are forests that have different plants that can live in them.

For instance, trees are trees and these are plants that grow in forests.

It’s not only trees and vegetation that are found in forests; there are other kinds of trees as well, like grasses, ferns and some of the birds and insects that we see in nature.

In the jungle, we don’t see the river.

We don’t know that there is a river.

So we also don’t pay attention, and when we see rivers in nature or in nature as a place to live, we pay attention.

There is also a big difference between people living in a small place and people living on the island.

For a small person, you need to think about the environment, and you have no idea how to interact with nature.

For a person living on a large island, you are constantly surrounded by the natural surroundings.

You need to understand what’s there, and what you need, so that you have a clear idea of what’s happening and what to do with it.

For the environment of a small community, the environment needs to be kept clean.

This means the people need to clean the area that they live in, and this also includes the natural habitat.

For this reason, it’s important for people to maintain their own space.

People are also

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