How to live a life of nature

By David O’Connell/Getty Images”It’s amazing.

The fact that I could go into a house with this beautiful landscape, and this beautiful setting, and do something I love, it’s like I’m back in the old days of playing in the field.

I could play in the garden.

I was a kid.”

The video of the walk, which was shared widely on social media, shows the actor taking part in the walk in his home garden in his native Perthshire.

“I was doing this walk on my own, and when I got home, I had this wonderful thought, ‘OK, now I can do this thing for myself.’

So, it was an amazing experience, and I’m just so glad I did it,” he says.”

And it was just like a little bit of a lesson in how to do it.

I thought, if I can make it happen and be an actor, that I can hopefully do it for someone else.”

It was just a lovely thing to do.

“The actor’s walk in the countryside of Perthshire was filmed for a short film, entitled, A Walk Through Perthshire, which will be shown at the Adelaide International Film Festival this year.

The film, which premiered at the SXSW festival earlier this year, will tell the story of how he and a group of friends walked around Perthshire in a bid to get to know the landscape.

The walk in Perthshire is a walk down a hill, and is a short walk.

It’s a long walk down to the river.

The actor was inspired by a local nature walk he took when he was a child.”

He came across the area, and he came across a few little old houses and he just said, ‘This is where I grew up.

This is where we played ball, this is where you grew up,'” said Mr Stacey.

The local village, Stacey, Stokes & Stokes, sits on the shores of the M4 and offers a perfect backdrop for the walk.”

We had a good old-fashioned picnic and I went up there and had a little barbecue,” he said.”

When we went back down, there was a lot of water coming out of the ground and the land was wet, and we couldn’t see very far ahead, but it was a beautiful view down to that point.

“You get the idea.

It was a bit of an escape, but I was going down there to get my feet wet.”

The walk took about two hours to complete.

Mr Stokes said he had a couple of breaks in between the walks.

“So, you know, there’s a bit more of a distance between the two walks, so you have to be more conscious of how you’re walking and you know that if you’re going down the hill you have more distance to make it,” Mr Stakis said.

He was able to take in the beauty of the scenery and said it was one of the highlights of his year in Perth.

“To be able to see all of the different flora and fauna that you would never get to see otherwise was really amazing,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

The Walking TreeWalk is being funded by the Perthshire Wildlife Trust, and will take place from July 9-15.

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